Strength through teamwork

The number of ships docking at Dutch harbours is increasing annually. The realisation of Maasvlakte 2 in 2010-2012 will reinforce this process. The amount of goods that need to be stored and/or forwarded will increase, and within this process, containerised sea transport will play a significant part.Because of the excellent price/quality ratio, good service and broad availability of specialist goods, Dutch ship suppliers do not only get many commissions for supplying ships in Dutch harbours; owing to this good competitive position, ships from foreign harbours are also frequently supplied from the Netherlands.

The Dutch Association of Ship Suppliers (NVVS) strives to bring the ship supplying industry to as high a standard as possible. Anyone involved with the maritime sector in the Netherlands is profited by the efforts of the NVVS. The NVVS exerts its influence for the development of new rules. This could be on a local, national or international level; the NVVS is pointedly involved with the realisation of European rules. Yet before rules are turned into laws, the NVVS, through its representation within the organisation of European ship suppliers, is involved with designing and implementing them.
The broad expertise of the members of various working groups and committees lends an important amount of support to this process.

Coming to an optimal work environment for every company involved is not our only aspiration, as creating a level playing field on a European level for every company concerned is another of our priorities.

Over 115 companies are members of the NVVS: ship suppliers, secondary suppliers and companies that provide logistical, financial or other services or which have a legal or otherwise advising function.

Teamwork is the key word; through good concerted action, the Dutch seaports can achieve recognition as excellent supply harbours. The NVVS devotes itself to this purpose every day.