International Ship Suppliers Association I.S.S.A. (since 1955)
Only national associations and companies from countries in which no national association exists as of yet are able to obtain membership from this worldwide-operating association. At the moment, 38 national associations are I.S.S.A members. Therefore, individual Dutch companies cannot become members; they can only do so through the NVVS. The NVVS chairman represents the Netherlands on the I.S.S.A Board. A few times a year, he attends a Board meeting and also the annual convention and trade exhibition, which is held in a different country every year. This way, the international interests of the NVVS members are sought to be promoted.

Organisation de la Communaut� Europ�enne des Avitailleurs de Navires (OCEAN) (since 1976)
This is an I.S.S.A. committee: ship suppliers from the European Union which, in the main, promotes the interests of members in various areas with regard to the rules within the European Comminity. From the national associations, one or more committee members from each country are represented on the O.C.E.A.N. Board. For the Netherlands this is currently Mr D.J. Cupido. Mr P. de Haas Jr is chairman of the customs working group within O.C.E.A.N. Furthermore, a professional lobbyist has been taken on to involve parties to look after our interests on the spot.

Deltalinqs (formerly S.V.Z.) (since 1994)
Since early 2001, Deltalinqs has been an amalgamation of Scheepvaart Vereniging Zuid (S.V.Z.) and Europoort Botlek Belangen (E.B.B.) and represents harbour companies and associations with their members, who are associated with the harbours of Rotterdam and its environs. Deltalinqs represents the interests of these members by consulting with public and semi-public bodies on a national and a local level. The NVVS chairman is a member of the Management Advice College; the NVVS Consultant Veterinary Affairs is a member of the working group Veterinary Inspections. Both are owned by Deltalinqs.

Agrarian Import Platform (A.I.P.) (since 2000)
The Agrarian Import Platform (A.I.P.) is a consultation platform on which specific, often veterinary, objectives are discussed. By employing expertise and communicative skills toward authorities, both national and local interests are promoted. The A.I.P. is also closely involved with the start of an automation project called Client, which is being started and financed by the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature Management and Fisheries. This project will be a start on development of automated communications between authorities and the business community.