Membership conditions

Membership conditions

It is possible to become a member for natural persons, legal bodies and general and limited partnerships that are active in and/or provide services in the ship supplying industry.

The application form should be accompanied by an excerpt from the Chamber of Commerce, no older than one year, and other company information such as brochures and the like are to be submitted to the secretariat of the association.
Also we would like to receive 3 letters of recommendation written by any current member.

The secretary informs the ballot committee concerning the membership application. This committee makes proposals to the executive committee. The executive committee then decides on the matter of the application.

Termination of membership for a next membership year can only be accepted when it is submitted in writing, sent by registered post, not later than 4 weeks before the end of the current membership year. Membership fees on the current membership year will remain due at all times.

Membership fee scale 2021

Annual membership fees are determined based on the following scale.

€    795,00        members with 1 to 12 employees
€  1295,00        members with 12 to 40 employees, members with material shareholding, members of the duty-free branch
€  1500,00        secondary supplier members with 40 or more employees
€  2925,00        ship supplier members with 40 or more employees