What we do

What we do

Within the executive committee the tasks are:

John Blom is chairman and the contact for all matters regarding “Autorised Economic Operator”. He is a member of the Deltalinqs committee Infrastructure. These positions are vacant due to the death of John Blom on 21 October.

Dirk Cupido is vice chairman and treasurer. He is chairman of OCEAN and member of  the Vereniging van Aanverwante Bedrijven, a part of Deltalinqs.

Tim Prins is secretary;  the secretariat is actually carried out  by Van Weperen&Partners Hellevoetsluis, Jessica van Weperen

Joep van Eijk is the chairman of the committee Balloting.

Max Geeratz is the contact regarding the working group Customs and Veterinary Affairs.

The executive committee, other committees and working groups have undertaken the following executive tasks:

  • Daily following matters that could hold significance for the members;
  • Lobbying activities at national and international governments;
  • Consulting local and national authorities;
  • Advising members on matters of importance to them;
  • Publishing an annual survey;
  • Holding networking and staff meetings;
  • Participation in the executive committee and working groups of the I.S.S.A.;
  • Attending to the participation of the annual I.S.S.A. Convention & Trade Exhibition;
  • Participation in working groups by Deltalinqs (formerly S.V.Z.);
  • Participation in A.I.P. working groups (Agrarian Import Platform);
  • Participation in government working groups / file teams;
  • Participation in the executive committee and working groups of O.C.E.A.N.


Working groups

Working Group of Veterinary and Customs Affairs
This working group maintains relations with customs management officials, policy advisers, heads of customs offices and their client coordinators. Current affairs that are important for companies or groups of companies are attended to, and, in consultation, practical solutions are worked towards. Specific matters concerning permits, standing securities and verifications of documents are regularly debated with the members. Consultation with other organisations such as the Personal Transportation Organisation (Eigen Vervoers Organisatie (E.V.O.)) and Transport and Logistics Netherlands (T.L.N.) also takes place. By regular consultation with branch and government officials, a workable environment is created for members who engage in the trade in veterinary products. Apart from the daily routine, the working group labours to improve the logistical, information and monitoring processes. Through O.C.E.A.N., the European association of ship suppliers, in which the NVVS holds an executive position, the rules and legislation from Brussels are also followed closely. Where necessary, intensive lobbying promotes the interests of our branch. Through O.C.E.A.N., the association of ship suppliers for countries of the European Union which NVVS is a member of, customs and veterinary affairs are looked after for all members as well.

The Working Group of  Veterinary and Customs Affairs consists of the following members:

  • Max Geeratz – B& S Foodservice BV ( chairman)
  • Peter de Haas- Wrist Klevenberg Ship Supply BV
  • Tim van Diest – H. Ferwerda BV
  • Sebastiaan Teunissen – Pentrade BV
  • Hans Busbroek- HZ Logistics BV
  • Paul van Lieshout- Kloska Ship Supply BV
  • Geerten Verbeet – Softpak BV
  • Adriaan van Kleef- Maas Riva BV

Working Group of I.S.P.S.
Ever since 1 July 2004, the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code has been implemented. In close consultation with parties concerned, NVVS has put together a Working Group of I.S.P.S. for its members in order to create and maintain workable situations for the visitors and suppliers to ships via harbour terminals. To this end, in consultation with Havenbedrijf Rotterdam N.V., harbour employer�s association Deltalinqs and others, a Branch Security Statement was established for the NVVS members. This statement should make it possible to be admitted more easily to harbour terminals and ships.

The Working Group of I.S.P.S. consists of the following members:

  • vacant

Balloting Commission

The balloting commission consists of the following members:

  • Joep van Eijk – Kroonint B.V. (chairman)
  • Eric Bezemer – Neko Ship Supply BV
  • Danny Nossent – Pentrade B.V.

Audit Committee

The audit committee consists of the following members

  • Peter Katsburg- BV Marine Supply Centre MSC
  • Caitriona o’Callaghan- Fuji Trading (Marine) BV